Recording Your Station Callsign in Each Logged QSO

To prevent logged QSOs from being erroneously submitted to the wrong accounts in Club Log,, and LoTW, DXKeeper requires each logged QSO to specify the Station Callsign used over the air when making that QSO.

A QSO that does not specify a Station Callsign is considered broken; when such a QSO is selected in the Log Page Display, DXKeeper will make its Auxiliary panel visible and flash this panel's Station Callsign item in blue font to draw your attention to the problem.

If your logged QSOs do not currently meet this requirement, you can update them en masse to do so:

  1. filter the Log Page Display by a range of dates during which a particular Station Callsign was used

  2. employ the Modify QSOs panel to update the Station_Callsign item of all QSOs in that date range, en masse

  3. repeat steps a and b until every QSO specifies the correct Station Location

To ensure that future QSOs are logged with the correct Station Callsign, specify the appropriate Station Callsign in the Default Callsigns panel on DXKeeper's Configuration window's Defaults tab; if you make QSOs using more than one Station Callsign, update this setting each time you switch Station Callsigns.

Operating with Multiple Station Callsigns or from Multiple Locations



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