Recognizing Broken QSOs

Conditions that will result in a QSO being considered as broken:

If on the Main window's Log QSOs tab you select the Log Page Display entry for a QSO that contains an error in an item displayed in a panel (Auxiliary, QSL, Online QSL, Award, Contest, Propagation, Details, User-defined) that is not currently visible, DXKeeper will automatically make the panel visible, flashing the item's label in red font (for a critical error that must be corrected) or blue font (for an error that should be corrected); a required but unspecified item like Call or Begin or Band or Mode is considered an error.

If it's the primary administrative subdivision item (e.g. state, province, prefecture...) or secondary administrative subdivision item (e.g. county, city/gun) whose label is flashing in blue font but you don't care about the accuracy of these items, then on the Awards tab of DXKeeper's Configuration window, uncheck the Other Awards panel's Subdivision validity checking box; DXKeeper will then cease to make the Award panel visible to show you that the currently-selected QSO contains an invalid primary administrative subdivision or secondary administrative subdivision item.

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