Modifying QSOs En Masse

DXKeeper supports a 3-step workflow that lets you identify a particular set of QSOs, and then make changes en masse to every QSO in that set.

  1. backup your log (Config window, Log tab, Backup button)

  2. isolate the desired set of QSOs in the Log Page Display by using the appropriate filter

  3. make the changes using the Advanced Sorts, Filters, and Modifiers window's Modify QSOs panel

The first step is mandatory whenever the "Modify QSOs" panel is involved because a small mistake in steps 2 or 3 could incorrectly modify large numbers of QSOs. And knowing that you can easily return your log to its initial state makes steps 2 and 3 less nerve-wracking.

How you accomplish the filtering depends on the set of QSOs you're trying to isolate. If you're seeking all QSOs with a particular callsign or entity, or after a particular date, you can accomplish this filtering using the Filter panel at the bottom of the Main window's Log QSOs tab. If you're trying to isolate all QSOs made during a specific time range, or on a particular band, or in a particular mode, then you can use the Advanced... window's UTC Filter, Band Filter, or Mode Filter panels respectively. Anything else can be accomplished the Advanced window's SQL Query Filters panel, which lets you filter your Log with an SQL expression. Such expressions can be simple, e.g. "all QRP QSOs":

TX_Power <=5

or complex, e.g. "all RTTY QSOs made with European stations last March that have been confirmed via LotW but not via QSL card":

(MODE='RTTY') and (CONT='EU') and (QSO_BEGIN between #2009-03-01# and #2009-04-01#) and (APP_DXKEEPER_LOTW_QSL_RCVD in ('Y','S','V')) and (not (QSL_RCVD in ('Y','S','V')))

The modification step is accomplished with the Modify QSOs panel at the bottom of the Advanced Sorts, Filters, and Modifiers window, which can be displayed by clicking the Adv button on the Main window's Log QSOs tab. The use of this panel is straightforward:

  1. choose the QSO item you wish to modify by setting the Item ADIF field name selector

  2. specify the new value of the item in the Item new value box

  3. click the Mod button to update that item with the specified new value in all QSOs in the Log Page Display

If you must frequently apply the same set of changes to, say, your newly-imported QSOs, these changes can be specified in a script that can be reliably executed with a few mouse clicks.

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