Actions that Cause DXView to Display Information about a Callsign

  1. clicking or double-clicking a Spot Database Display Entry in SpotCollector

  2. the creation of a new Spot Database Entry with SpotCollector's Automatic DXView lookup option enabled

  3. clicking or double-clicking a Log Page Display Entry in DXKeeper

  4. any action that selects a Log Page Display Entry in DXKeeper (e.g. clicking in a populated Award Progress panel cell on DXKeeper's Realtime Award Tracking window, or directing another application to log a new QSO to DXKeeper)

  5. entering a callsign in DXKeeper's Capture window

  6. clicking or double-clicking on a callsign in Commander's Bandspread or Spectrum-Waterfall windows

  7. clicking on a callsign plotted on a Flex SmartSDR Panadaptor

  8. entering a callsign in WinWarbler's QSO Info panel

  9. clicking or double-clicking a decoded callsign in one of WinWarbler's Receive panes

  10. double-clicking the red dot representing an active station on DXView's world map

  11. with SpotCollector configured to use WSJT-X as a spot source, double-clicking a decoded callsign in WSJT-X's Band Activity or Rx Frequency panels

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