Plotting Active DX Stations and Spotting Stations on DXView's World Map

To plot active DX stations reported by SpotCollector,

  1. At the bottom of DXView's World Map window, click the Plot panel's DX Spots button.

  2. To plot spotting stations and the short path between spotting stations and DX stations,
    1. check the Plot panel's QSOs button (at the bottom of DXView's World Map window)

    2. on the General tab of SpotCollector's Configuration window, check the General panel's Lookup missing location info box

By default, DXView uses red dots to represent logged QSOs and small black dots to represent spotting stations; you can adjust the diameters of these dots in the Graphics panel on the World Map tab of DXView's Configuration window via the DX spot diameter and QSO origin diameter settings, respectively.

If Google Earth is installed and enabled, QSOs plotted on DXView's World Map will also be plotted on Google Earth.


Determining Which Active DX Stations are Plotted

The Configuration window's Plot Settings tab lets you limit which Active DX Stations are plotted:

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