Editing QSL Information

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The QSL Editor window appears when you double-click on the Address item in DXKeeper's main window, when you double click on the Via item in the Capture window, or when you double-click on an entry in the QSL queue. In each case, the QSL editor displays

If a Callbook is installed and selected, the Callbook lookup panel will contain two buttons:

Double-clicking in the Callsign box will invoke Pathfinder (if running) and pre-configure it to perform QSL lookups on the callsign; similarly, double-clicking on the QSL Manager box will pre-configure Pathfinder to locate an address for the QSL manager's callsign. When you locate an address, copy it to the windows clipboard (select it and then strike Ctrl-C), drag it to the QSL Editor's Address box, and drop it there. Note that performing a Radio Amateur's Callbook (RAC) search in Pathfinder automatically places the result into the Windows clipboard; to copy this information into the QSL Editor, click in the Address box and strike Ctrl-V. 

Changing the contents of the QSL Manager, Address, QSL Message, or Sent Via boxes enables the Save button; clicking Save updates the appropriate Log items, as well as the information in the QSL queue (if that's where you invoked the QSL editor). To discard changes, click the Cancel button.

If the QSL Editor window was activated by double-clicking an entry in the QSL queue, a set of QSL Queue navigation buttons will appear above the Save and Cancel buttons; these buttons let you select the first, previous, next, or last QSL Queue entry and update the QSL Editor window to reflect its contents. If the information displayed in the QSL Editor window is modified and you click one of these navigation buttons, a window will appear asking if the modified information should be saved before selecting the new QSL Queue entry and updating the QSL Editor window. If the QSL Queue contains more than one QSO with the callsign whose entry you've modified, clicking the Save button will result in DXKeeper asking if you want the QSO information for the other QSL Queue entries with this callsign to also be updated; QSO information means the Address, QSL Manager (Via), and Sent Via items, buy not the QSL Msg item.

Keyboard shortcuts are available for use in this window.

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