Transceiver-to-Soundcard Audio and Soundcard-to-Transceiver Audio connections

Connecting Soundcards to Transceivers

Soundcard Configuration

WinWarbler enables you to select separate soundcard devices for transmission and reception. On the Config window's Soundcard tab, the PSK & RTTY Reception panel displays up 16 installed input devices, and the Transmission panel displays up to 16 installed output devices. In the Transmission panel, separate PSK & RTTY and Phone sub-panels provide the option of selecting separate soundcard output devices.

If you're using Windows 10, enable Let apps use my microphone in the Settings window's Microphone section. If this option is disabled, applications will be prevented from using any audio device.

The software installed with some soundcards includes a graphic equalizer that can reduce your soundcard's audio output level; if such a capabilities is provided, either disable it, or configure it for no reduction on all frequencies.

Note that Windows will alert you to various events by playing sounds on the soundcard you designate as the default Windows soundcard. To prevent such sounds from being transmitted while you are operating in PSK, RTTY, or Phone, install a second soundcard for use with these modes, and configure the first soundcard to serve as the default Windows soundcard.

Further note that the E-MU 0202 audio interface should be avoided.

Tranceiver-specific considerations

When connected to your PC via its Universal Serial Bus (USB) connection,

The Kenwood TS-480 can accept audio input from either its front panel MIC input or from the ANI (pin 1) input of its backpanel DATA connector.

The Kenwood TS-2000 provides an audio input signal named PKD on pin 11 of its backpanel ACC2 connector. However, PKS is only used as a source if the connector's PKD signal on pin 9 is used for RX-TX switching. Thus if you're connecting your soundcard's audio output to PKS, you cannot use transceiver control software (e.g. Commander) to effect RX-TX switching; you must use a serial port modem control signal to drive PKD via an external circuit.

Additional Information

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