Windows Tricks

Overcoming Installation Problems

Overcoming Damage Done by a Windows 10 Update

Managing Serial Ports and USB ports

Time Synchronization

Improving Appearance

Improving Performance

Using Multiple Monitors

Booting Windows into Safe Mode with Networking

One way to determine whether applications or services being automatically started by Windows is to boot (restart) Windows into Safe Mode with Networking. In this mode, only basic device drivers are loaded, and no applications or services are automatically started. Serial ports and USB devices won't be operational, but a DXLab application that starts up promptly in Safe Mode with Networking but takes much longer to start up when Windows has been booted normally indicates that one of the applications or services by automatically started by Windows is responsible for the behavior.

Controlling Windows and Anti-Malware Updates

Configure Windows and Anti-Malware applications to automatically download updates, but to not automatically install them. When you see that updates are available, direct Windows to create a restore point. After installing the updates, verify that your DXLab applications continue to work correctly. If there's a problem and you're using Windows 10, follow these instructions to revert to the previous version; on other flavors of Windows, revert to the restore point you created.

Out of the box, Windows 10 cannot be stopped from downloading and installing updates.

Viewing Windows Event Logs

Updating Windows Root Certificates

Correcting Damaged Shell Folders Like %AppData%

Registering DLL and OCX components

Advanced Tricks

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