Setting Permissions for DXLab Folders on Windows 8

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This note assumes that you've upgraded to Windows 8.1, which is a significant improvement over Windows 8.

Your Windows User account must have permission to create, modify, and delete files in DXLab folders. If you installed Windows 8 from a retail box, a user account was created and given these permissions. However, if your Windows 8 system was set up by a configuration service or by a corporate IT department, this may not be the case -- and DXLab applications could as a result generate entries in their errorlog.txt files reporting file/path errors. To correct this,

  1. Start File Explorer by right-clicking on the Windows Logo at the far left of the task bar and then selecting File Explorer in the context menu.

  2. Navigate to the folder where DXLab is installed, right click on that folder's name, and select Properties (If you don't know where DXLab is installed, start the DXLab Launcher, open its Config window, and look at the entries in the Program Path)

  3. In the Properties window, select the Security tab and select your username on the list of names in the Group or user names panel

  4. In the Permission for … panel, verify that there is a checkmark in the Allow column for Full control, Modify, Read and execute, List folder contents, Read, and Write. If that's the case your permissions for this folder are set correctly. If not, then

    1. click the Edit button

    2. select your Windows username in the Group or user names panel

    3. In the Permissions for ... panel, put a checkmark in each of the boxes in the Allow column except for the Special permissions box

    4. click the OK button

  5. Repeat steps 3 through 4 for each of your DXLab folders, the pathnames for which are specified in the Program Paths panel on the Launcher's Config window. Also, in each folder

    1. right-click the application.exe entry (e.g. CI-V Commander.exe or DXKeeper.exe)

    2. select the Properties menu command

    3. in the Properties window, select the Compatibility tab

    4. ensure that the Run this program as administrator box is not checked

    5. click the OK button

  6. Reboot Windows, and verify that all of the above changes remain in effect

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