Dealing with a Download Error when syncing LotW on 64-bit Windows 7 with Internet Explorer version 9 installed

de Gary AB9M, Rich W3ZJ, and Bob KD7YZ

On some systems, upgrading to 64-bit Windows 7 and Internet Explorer version 9 from XP or Vista does not properly update a Windows component named URLMON.dll - a defect acknowledged by Microsoft. If when you click DXKeeper's Sync LotW QSOs or Sync LotW QSLs button, the title bar of DXKeeper's Main window immediately indicates the presence of an errorlog.txt file that contains the entry

Common.GetFileFromURL failed: download failure, error code = -2146697208

then you must replace the defective version of URLMON.dll. There are two ways to accomplish this:

  1. backup all of your data files to external media, and then perform a "clean install" of Windows 7
  2. direct Windows 7 to replace Internet Explorer version 9 with Internet Explorer version 8, and configure Windows 7 ignore updates to Internet Explorer so that Internet Explorer 9 is never re-installed
    1. in these instructions, scroll down to the section titled To uninstall Internet Explorer and follow the directions there

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