Running DXLab Applications on Windows Vista

DXLab applications will run on both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors of Windows Vista. By default, Vista prevents applications from modifying files that reside anywhere within protected folders:

If you install DXLab within these protected folders, you must override this prohibition before running any DXLab application by logging into the Vista account named Administrator, as described in Installing DXLab Applications on Vista . Note that logging into an account with Administrator privileges is not sufficient.

If you install DXLab outside of these protected folders, you can run any DXLab application while logged into a standard user account. Thus by default, the Launcher installs DXLab in c:\dxlab

You will be prompted for an administrator password during the installation process.

Using DX Atlas with DXView on Windows Vista

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Installing DXLab Applications on Windows Vista

Installing DXLab Applications

Getting Started with DXLab

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