Updating the TenTec Eagle's USB driver for use with Windows 10

de Dave KW4M QSP Dan KC2STA

I've been having some issues with Windows 10 and the USB driver for the Eagle. My Eagle has the early bootloader and has been upgraded to firmware version 2.003. I do not plan to upgrade to 2.005.

I could install the USB driver by disabling the driver signing feature of Windows 10, but the next time the PC started the driver would be disabled. But I finally found something that is working for me and thought I would pass it along.

It appears that Ten Tec used USB-serial drivers provided by Custom Computer Services, Inc. (CCS) They make development tools for PIC processors such as the one used in the Eagle. I imagine Ten Tec used their tools during development.

USB drivers for CCS programmers/debuggers can be downloaded from their web site. I had a hunch that these drivers might support communications with the PIC used in the Eagle so I decided to try them out.

It worked! I no longer have any annoying issues with Windows. Granted, this is only a sample of one, and it may not work for others, but so far I've been pleased with the results.

Installation was easy. Simply connect the Eagle to the PC and turn it on. Run their setup_usbdrivers.exe program and it will install whatever drivers are needed.

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