Connecting an TenTec Transceiver to your PC

PC control of an TenTec transceiver is accomplished via an Icom CI-V level conversion interface or an RS232 cable as a function of the model:




RS232 cable


USB cable


RS232 cable

Omni VI

Icom CI-V interface

Omni VII

RS232 cable


RS232 cable


Icom CI-V interface

Before connecting an Eagle to your PC, follow the instructions in the Interfacing to a computer and firmware updates section of the Eagle Users Manual. Note the specific COM port assigned by the Windows Device Manager, as you'll need this when configuring Commander.

The Pegasus requires no interface, as Commander interacts directly with the Pegasus control software.

If your PC has no free RS232 serial ports, you can use an USB-to-serial-port adaptor (e.g. from Belkin or ByteRunner), or you can choose an alternative interface that uses a USB interface rather than a serial port interface.

If you use one of your PC's USB ports, configure Windows to not automatically power down this port.

For TenTec transceivers that require an Icom CI-V interface, see Connecting an Icom transceiver for commercial sources of this interface and home-brew schematics.

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