Setting up a User-contributed Slider

Commander lets you define up to 16 User-defined Slider controls. The information that defines a Slider can be saved to a file, and restored from a file, making it easy for users to share Sliders. To add a shared Slider to Commander,

  1. Download the desired Slider file into Commander's Sliders folder; if this folder doesn't exist, create it.

  2. on the Config window's General tab, check the General panel's Show User-defined Controls panel; this will add a User-defined Controls panel to the bottom of Commander's Main window.

  3. In the User-defined Controls panel, decide which Slider will be used, and double-click the text immediately below it; the Commander User Slider window will appear.

  4. In the Commander User Slider window, click the Load button, and use the file selector window (named Open) to choose the Slider file that you downloaded in step 1; then click the file selector window's Open button.

  5. Close the Commander User Slider window

  6. Test your new Slider in Commander's User-defined Controls panel

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