Setting up a User-contributed Command Sequence

Commander lets you define up to 32 User-defined Command Sequences that can be invoked by a button click or keystroke. The information that defines a Command Sequence can be saved to a file, and restored from a file, making it easy for users to share Command Sequences. To add a shared Command Sequence to Commander,

  1. Download the desired Command Sequence file into Commander's Sequences folder; if this folder doesn't exist, create it.

  2. on the Config window's General tab, check the General panel's Show User-defined Controls panel; this will add a User-defined Controls panel to the bottom of Commander's Main window.

  3. In the User-defined Controls panel, decide which button will be used to invoke your new Command Sequence. While depressing the CTRL key, click this button; the Commander User-defined Command Sequence window will appear.

  4. In the Commander User-defined Command Sequence window, click the Load button, and use the 'file selector window (named Open) to choose the Command Sequence file that you downloaded in step 1; then click the file selector window's Open button.

  5. Close the Commander User-defined Command Sequence window

  6. Test your new Command Sequence button in Commander's User-defined Controls panel

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