Setting the Audio Input Level for PSK Operation on Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10

  1. On WinWarbler's Main window, set the Operating Mode panel to PSK31 or PSK63 or PSK125

  2. On the Configuration window's Soundcard tab, click the Mixer adjustments panel's Reception button to display Windows' Sound window

    1. Select the Sound window's Recording tab


    2. scroll (if necessary) to locate the Soundcard device that you've chosen in the PSK & RTTY Reception selector on the Soundcard tab of WinWarbler's Configuration window, e.g. Microphone (USB Audio CODEC), and select this device by clicking on it

    3. click the Properties button to display the Properties window for the selected device

    4. select the Properties window's Levels tab, and adjust its slider so that the waterfall display depicts your receiver's pass band in medium grey:


    5. PSK signals will appear as whitish columns in the waterfall display:

To enable one Volume slider setting to work for both PSK and RTTY, you can adjust the waterfall gain slider in the Receiver panel's tuning display subpanel on the Config window's PSK tab.

If you're using Windows 10, enable Allow apps to access your microphone in the Microphone entry in the Settings window's Privacy section. If this option is disabled, applications will be prevented from using any audio device.

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