Configuring WinWarbler for PSK Operation

  1. on the Configuration window's Soundcard tab, choose the Soundcard devices to be used for reception and transmission with the PSK & RTTY Reception and the PSK & RTTY Transmission selectors, respectively

    1. take care to select devices on the Soundcard connected to your radio.
    2. if your Soundcard has multiple inputs, see Multiple-input Soundcards

  2. on the Configuration window's PSK tab

    1. set the Receiver modulation to BPSK USB

    2. in the Receiver tuning panel,

      • set the search range to 50

      • set the AFC limit to 50

    3. in the Receiver tuning display panel,

      • select waterfall

      • set the waterfall display to mono

      • set the channel ID to traces

      • set the waterfall gain to 5

      • set the spectrum gain to 5

      • set the frequency trace width to 1

      • set the baseline clipping to 0

      • set the FFT averaging to 1

      • set the squelch speed to fast

      • set the optimal offset to 1500

    4. in the "Transmitter" panel,
      • set the modulation to BPSK USB

      • set the CW ID speed to 19 wpm

      • set the CW ID string to de yourcallsign

      • set the RX-TX Offset(Hz) to 0 (blank is fine)

    5. in the "Transceiver" panel,
      • set the mode to SSB (note: some transceivers provide a PKT or DATA mode that must be selected if the soundcard audio output is connected to an input other than the transceiver's microphone input)

      • set the PSK Offset (Hz) to 0 (blank is fine)

      • set the Default TxPwr boxes to the power you expect to use (in watts)

    6. set the Soundcard clock adjust to 0 (blank is fine)

  3. on the Configuration window's Display tab. click the Set Default Colors button

  4. on the Main window,

    1. set the Operating Mode panel to PSK31, PSK63, or PSK125

    2. in the Receive panel,

      • check the AFC box

      • uncheck the BBD box

      • set the Squelch Threshold to ~25 by clicking in the Signal Quality display to position the Squelch Bar:


    3. in the Transmit panel,

      • check the net box

      • uncheck the split and tune boxes

    4. in the Tuning Display panel,

      • set the Vert height to 1.0

      • set the Horiz zoom to 1

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