Multiple-input Soundcards

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Some Soundcards have more than one input. For example, a laptop with a built-in Soundcard might have three inputs: microphone (front panel jack), microphone array (built-in mics) and Stereo Mix (the sound card mixer).

If the only Soundcard in your system has multiple inputs, Windows 7, 8, or 10 will select one of those inputs as the Default Device and prevent any application from selecting a different input! To select a different input, you must

  1. Open the Windows Control Panel

  2. Open the Sound applet and select its Recording tab

  3. Select the desired input device, and click the Set Default button to make it both the Default Device and the Default Communications Device

The recommended solution is to add a second Soundcard, connect it to your radio, and configure WinWarbler to use it. Configure your original Soundcard to be the Default Device for both recording and playback; this will route Windows notifications, streaming audio, and SpotCollector's audio announcements to your speaker rather than your radio.

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