On Being Assigned a New Callsign

Congratulations on your new call! Here's what you need to do to update your DXLab Applications:

  1. in DXKeeper:

    1. on the Configuration window's Defaults tab, update the Station callsign, Operator callsign, and Owner callsign settings

    2. unless you've moved to a new DXCC entity or the QSOs made with the new Callsign don't count towards your awards (e.g. because the new Callsign is that of a club station), continue to log QSOs in your current log file; there is no need to change the name of your log file to reflect your new callsign, though you can do so if you choose.
    3. if you're using eQSL.cc, open the QSL Configuration window's eQSL tab and uncheck the Don't upload QSOs whose station callsign isn't X box (where X is your eQSL username, which will likely remain your old callsign)

    4. if you're using the ARRL's Logbook of the World (LotW)

      1. upload all QSOs made with your old callsign

      2. Follow these instructions

      3. On the QSL Configuration window's LotW tab,

        • in the TQSL panel, specify your new Station Callsign; if you're using a Station Location that specifies a Station Callsign, first remove the Station Callsign from the Station Location

        • in the Options (log-specific) panel, if you've specified a Limit Add and Sync operations to this station callsign setting, either remove it or change it to your new callsign

    5. if you're using Club Log,

      1. on Club Log's Settings tab,

        1. click the Callsigns button near the top of the tab

        2. add you new callsign
        3. click your new callsign's Set Primary button

        4. click the Linking button near the top of the tab and link your old callsign to your new callsign

      2. on the Club Log tab of DXKeeper's QSL Configuration window, enter your new callsign in the Callsign box

  2. in Pathfinder: on the Configuration window, update the your callsign setting

  3. in SpotCollector

    1. on the Configuration window's General tab, update the General panel's Operator callsign setting with your new callsign

    2. on the Configuration window's Spot Sources tab,

      1. update the Username settings in the Telnet DXClusters and IRC panels with your new callsign

      2. uncheck the Hide box of the Spot Source whose Spot button is selected, thereby making its Spot Source window visible

      3. click the Spot Source window's Disconnect button

      4. wait 10 seconds
      5. click the Spot Source window's Connect Button, thereby logging in to the Spot Source with your new callsign

  4. in WinWarbler: on the Configuration window's General tab, update the General panel's station callsign, operator callsign, and owner callsign settings

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