Using Commander with LP-Bridge

LP-Bridge can be used to

Before starting Commander,

  1. start LP-Bridge
  2. configure LP-Bridge to connect to your K3
  3. in LP-Bridge's Virtual Com Port Setup panel,

    1. set the Virtual Com Port selector to a Com port not used in your system

    2. un-check both the AI1 and AI2 boxes

    3. click the Create button

  4. start Commander, select its Configuration window's Ports tab, and configure the Primary CAT Serial Port to use the Virtual Com Port selected in step 3a above

Refer to the Setup & Operation section of LP-Bridge for information about the other options in this panel.

When constructing user-defined sequences or sliders in Commander or macros in WinWarbler that generate CAT commands, keep in mind that LP-Bridge does not support all K3 CAT commands.

Transceiver Control

Interoperation with Other Amateur Radio Applications

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