Importing QSOs Exported from N1MM

When logging QSOs during a State or Regional QSO Party, N1MM records abbreviations for US counties in an N1MM-specific field. To enable DXKeeper to associate the correct US County with each QSO,

  1. direct N1MM to export an ADIF file
  2. use Jim AD1C's ADIF County Conversion application to create an ADIF file with valid US county names

  3. direct DXKeeper to import the ADIF file generated by ADIF County Conversion, as described below.

To import your contest QSOs exported by N1MM into your DXKeeper log, select the Main window's Import QSOs tab, and

  1. define an override for any station you worked whose DXCC entity is ambiguous (e.g. callsigns beginning with TM, TO or ZK)

  2. backup your log by clicking the Backup button in the Log File panel on the Configuration window's Log tab

  3. click the Clear Select button at the bottom of the tab

  4. check the Set Select in imported QSOs to Y button in the upper-right corner of the tab

  5. set the ADIF style options panel to standard ADIF

  6. enable the following options
    • Display award progress report

    • Record import errors in error file

    • Query callbook and DXCC database for missing items (if desired)

    • Update LoTW membership (if desired)

    • Update eQSL AG membership (if desired)

    • Enable Override checking (if overrides have been defined in DXView)

  7. in the Substitution options panel,

    • check the first three Substitute <callsign> for missing... boxes

    • Check the Substituted default transmit power... box, and specify the transmit power you used during the contest on the Configuration window's Defaults tab

  8. if you've defined one or more my QTHs, use the Substitution options panel's Substitutes for missing QTH identifiers capability to specify the My QTH associated with the location from which the contest QSOs were made

  9. click the Start button in the lower-left corner of the tab, and select the ADIF file you exported from N1MM

Note that N1MM

If desired, you can clear the CQZ and STX items in your imported QSOs:

  1. select the imported QSOs by clicking the Sel button in the Filter panel at the bottom of the Main window's Log QSOs panel

  2. clear the CQZ and STX items in all selected QSOs by using the Modify QSOs function

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