Connecting and Configuring FLEX Signature Transceivers for Operation Via SmartSDR CAT

Connecting to a Flex Signature transceiver via a direct ethernet connection or local area network provides Commander with access to the Flex API, which provides comprehensive transceiver control, and enables DXLab to display callsigns color-coded for award need and eQSL/LoTW participation on the SmartSDR panadaptor. However, Flex does not provide documentation explaining how to use its SmartLink remote access product with the Flex API. Users who wish to remotely control their Flex Signature transceiver via SmartLink can configure Commander to connect to a virtual serial (COM) port created by SmartSDR CAT:

  1. Start SmartSDR

  2. Start SmartSDR CAT

    1. configure it as described in its Flex documentation

    2. note the virtual serial COM port that it creates
    3. select an available Flex Signature transceiver, and click the green Connect button

    4. in the small SmartSDR CAT window that appears, select the entry for the Serial port created in the previous step

  3. In the Primary CAT Serial Port panel on the Ports tab of Commander's Commander's Configuration window,

    1. set the Port selector to the virtual COM port created by SmartSDR CAT in step 2a above

    2. set the Baud selector to 57600

    3. set the Word selector to 8

    4. set the Parity selector to none

    5. set the Stop selector to 2

    6. set the DTR selector to Off

    7. set the RTS selector to Off

  4. On the General tab of Commander's Configuration window,

    1. set the Radio panel's Model selector to FlexCAT (near the bottom of the list of available models)

    2. set the Command interval to 50

    3. check the Interrogation box

The word FlexCAT-XXXX will appear in the title bar of Commander's Main window, where XXXX is your Flex Signature transceiver's model number, and Commander will track and control your transceiver's frequency, mode, and receiver bandwidth.

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