MM to DXLab Bridge


The MM DXLab Bridge enables the MM applications --  MMSSTV (version 1.11G or later), MMTTY, and MMVARI  -- to directly log QSOs to DXKeeper using Commander for transceiver control.  The Bridge  is free, and contains no advertising; commercial use is expressly forbidden.

To install the Bridge, download its zip archive, and extract the files MMD.exe and MMD.txt into the folder of your choice. 

To use the Bridge, first run MMD.exe, and then start your MM application; you can start DXKeeper either before running MMD.exe or after starting your MM application.  When you run MMD.exe, it displays a vertical window showing the information to be logged; this window can be minimized until you wish to terminate the Bridge. The first time you start your MM application, select Setup Logging... from its Option menu, and then select the Setup Logging window's Conversion tab. 

All of these settings will be remembered when you subsequently run your MM application.

When you enter a callsign in your MM application's Log panel, the panel's QSO button is enabled; clicking the button sets the QSO's start time, and directs DXKeeper to show all previous QSOs with the callsign in its Log Page Display. Clicking the QSO button a second time sets the QSO's end time,  and creates a new QSO in the currently-open  DXKeeper log in which the following information is recorded:


MM application Log Panel DXKeeper QSO item
Call textbox call
His textbox sent
My textbox rcvd
Name textbox name
QTH textbox QTH
Frequency selector freq and band
Note notes
begin (date and time)
  end (date and time)
mode (set to SSTV)


If you have questions or suggestions, please send them via email to the DXLab reflector.

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