Configuring WinWarbler to use settings from a standalone instance of MMTTY

To configure WinWarbler's instance of MMTTY to match the settings in a standalone instance of MMTTY,

  1. terminate WinWarbler if its running

  2. copy the files MMTTY.INI and USERPARA.INI files from the standalone instance folder to your WinWarbler folder

  3. using Windows Explorer, navigate to your WinWarbler folder, and double-click the MMTTY.exe entry

    1. note the UOS setting in the Main window's Control panel (enabled or disabled)

    2. note the Shift setting in the Main window's Demodulator panel

  4. open MMTTY's Option menu and select Setup MMTTY; in the Setup MMTTY window,

    1. select the Decode tab, and note the BaudRate setting

    2. select the TX tab, and note the UOS setting and the Port setting in the PTT & FSK panel

    3. select the Soundcard tab, and note which soundcard components are selected in the Reception and Transmission panels

  5. terminate MMTTY
  6. start WinWarbler

  7. refer to the settings noted in steps 3 and 4 above while configuring WinWarbler for RTTY operation

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