Setting WPX Award Objectives

On the Awards tab of DXKeeper's Config window, checking the Realtime Award Progress box in the WPX Bands & Modes panel enables realtime award tracking for the WPX family of awards administered by CQ Magazine. With this box checked, the Mixed, band, and mode boxes in the WPX Bands & Modes panel determine

  1. which callsigns are highlighted as needed in DXKeeper's Main and Capture windows and in WinWarbler's QSO Info panel (via bold red font)

  2. for what QSOs DXKeeper generates an outgoing QSL card/label soliciting confirmation when you invoke the AddNeeded operation with the WPX box checked in the Awards panel on the QSL Configuration window's General tab

  3. whether or not DXKeeper prints Please! or Pse! on generated QSL cards and labels respectively

  4. which QSOs are considered by DXKeeper's QSL Aging report

  5. which newly-imported QSOs DXKeeper reports as confirming or verifying needed WPX prefixes, prefix-bands, or prefix-modes
  6. which newly-received LotW or confirmations DXKeeper flags as confirming needed WPX prefixes, prefix-bands, or prefix-modes
  7. which Spot Database Entries SpotCollector highlights as needed and announces audibly, with a P in the Needed column

If your goal is the Mixed WPX award, then check the Mixed box, and uncheck all the band and mode boxes (because you need only work each WPX prefix once -- on any band in any mode)

If your goal is one or more mode-specific WPX awards, e.g. CW WPX, then check the mode box associated each mode.

If your goal is one or more band-specific WPX awards, e.g. 160M WPX, then check the band box associated with each band.

If you have multiple objectives, then check all of the boxes required by each objective.

After all changes are complete, click the Recompute button on the Main window's Check Progress tab. After DXKeeper completes the Recompute operation, if you are using SpotCollector, open the the Spot Database tab of SpotCollector's Config window, and click the Recomputation panel's Recompute button.

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