Upgrading an Installed DXLab Application

If you haven't yet installed the DXLab Launcher, do that first.

To upgrade an application,

  1. click the Launcher's Config button to display its Configuration window

  2. click the New ? button in the Configuration window's upper right corner to update the installation status and release availability of all DXLab applications

  3. locate the the DXLab application you wish to upgrade on the Configuration window's DXLab Apps tab; if a newer release of this application is available, this applications Available release will be shown with red characters, and its Action button will be labeled Upgrade

    • if the Action button is instead labeled Install, then the application has not yet been installed and thus cannot be upgraded; see installing an application

    • double-clicking any Installed or Available version number will display it's Release Notes.

  4. click the application's Upgrade button, and the Launcher will display its Upgrade Status window while downloading and deploying upgraded application; successful completion will be reported in this window

    • if the application's Program Path entry is empty or specifies a non-existent file, then clicking the Upgrade button will generate an error message; using the Sel button, locate the pathname of the application's executable, and then click the Upgrade button

  5. Before running the upgraded application for the first time, configure your anti-malware and firewall applications to consider it "safe".
    • If you are using Microsoft's Windows Defender on Windows 10 or Windows 11, update it to its latest malware definitions in https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/wdsi/definitions

Note: if clicking the New ? button in step 2 does not display available versions for each application on the Configuration window's DXLab Apps tab,

  1. ensure that the Distribution Site selector is set to DXLab Suite or Ambersoft

  2. ensure that Internet Explorer's work offline setting is disabled

    • In the Menu Bar, then open the File menu and uncheck Work Offline; if the Menu Bar is not visible, right-click beneath the search box and click the Menu Bar item

    • if you're using Internet Explorer 9, use this procedure


After upgrading a DXLab application, the DXLab Launcher does not automatically delete the previous version of that application; the previous version is retained in the application's folder in a file named AAAXXX.exe , where AAA is the name of the application, and XXX is a version number, for example

After the Launcher successfully upgrades an application, you should retain the previous version of that application just in case; older versions can be manually deleted.

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