Tracking the United States Counties Award (USA-CA) Progress

Record each US, Alaskan, or Hawaiian QSO's US county in the County box in DXKeeper's Capture window, or the County box in the QSO Info panel on WinWarbler's QSO Info panel.

You can modify the County tag of a logged QSO via the County box in the Awards panel on the Log QSOs tab of DXKeeper's Main window.

Populating the QSL Queue with QSOs that would Advance your USA-CA Award Progress

To populate the QSL Queue with QSOs whose USA counties are worked but not requested or confirmed, check the Award panel's USA-CA box in the QSL Configuration window's Add Needed panel and then click the Add Needed button on the Main window's QSL tab.

Generating a Progress Report

To generate a report for the CQ United States Counties Award showing which USA counties have been worked, worked and requested, and confirmed, select the Main window's Check Progress tab and click the North American progress reports panel's USA-CA button. To limit this report to specific bands, modes, or time intervals, filter the Log Page Display before invoking the progress report.

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