Setting up LotW on your Computer

TQSL is an application used to digitally sign and upload QSOs to the ARRL's Logbook of the World (LotW) online service, and to manage the Callsign Certificates used when digitally signing QSOs to be uploaded to LotW. DXKeeper automatically invokes TQSL when uploading your QSOs to LotW.

To digitally sign a set of QSOs to be uploaded, TQSL requires a Callsign Certificate issued to you by the ARRL, and requires you to specify the location from which you operated when making every QSO being uploaded. To make this easy, TQSL lets you define and name a Station Location that specifies a Callsign Certificate and operating location; you can configure DXKeeper to use a particular Station Location when it invokes TQSL to upload your QSOs.

TQSL also provides the ability to map modes not defined by the ADIF standard to modes that it can recognize.

To setup LotW on your computer,

  1. Install TQSL on your computer; Important note: Do not run the TQSL Installer with Administrative privileges (e.g. do not start it with "Run as Administrator").

  2. Request your initial Callsign Certificate and LotW Account Password

  3. Accept your initial Callsign Certificate

  4. Define a Station Location; in step 2.a of these instructions, leave the Callsign set to [None], and check the Allow 'None' for Call Sign box

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