Identifying Callsigns whose Spot Database Entries should not be Pruned

To optimize its performance, SpotCollector should be configured to automatically prune the Spot Database by periodically deleting Entries older than a specified age. However, when seeking to learn the operating pattern of a needed DX station, it is often helpful to retain Spot Database Entries for that station's callsign older than that specified age. To accomplish this, create a Special Callsign List entry for that callsign with the word NoPrune in its Tag List.

Creating a NoPrune Entry in the Special Callsign List

To create a NoPrune Special Callsign List entry,

  1. select the Special Callsigns tab of SpotCollector's Configuration window

  2. in the Special Callsign List panel,

    1. if necessary, scroll the Special Callsign List so that its last row is visible; this row contains an asterisk in its left-most column

    2. type the callsign into the Callsign column of the last row of the Special Callsign List; this will create a new row with a pencil icon in it's left-most column

    3. type NoPrune into the Tag List column of the newly-created row of the Special Callsign List

    4. click on any other row of the Special Callsign List

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