Synchronizing QSLs: Updating Logged QSOs to Reflect their Confirmation via LotW

The process of updating logged QSOs to reflect their confirmation via LotW is referred to as synchronizing QSLs. You should synchronize QSLs after determining that LotW has accepted QSOs you've uploaded; LotW will have matched your uploaded QSOs with those uploaded by your QSO partners, producing new QSLs. Your QSO partners may upload QSOs that match QSOs you've already uploaded, so its also a good idea to synchronize QSLs weekly even if you haven't uploaded new QSOs. This procedure assumes your PC has access to the internet; a variant of this procedure is available if your PC does not have access to the internet.

  1. open the Main window's QSL tab

  2. set the QSL via panel to LotW -- if LotW is disabled (greyed-out), the QSL Queue already contains QSOs and must be cleared before you can proceed (either by completing the operation that populated the QSL Queue, or by clicking the Clear button)

  3. click the Sync LotW QSLs button; this will

    • direct LotW to download any new QSLs that have been created since you last clicked the Sync LotW QSLs button

    • set each newly-confirmed QSO's LoTW QSL RCVD item to Y

    • set each newly-confirmed QSO's LoTW Confirmation item to reflect confirmation of a US State, Grid Square, or exact mode match; the LoTW Confirmation item will contain

      • G if this QSO's Grid item is confirmed via LotW

      • 2 if this QSO's Grid2 item is confirmed via LotW

      • 3 if this QSO's Grid3 item is confirmed via LotW

      • 4 if this QSO's Grid4 item is confirmed via LotW

      • M if this QSO's Mode item exactly matches the QSO partner's uploaded Mode

      • S if this QSO's US State is confirmed via LotW

    • display a report file showing how many new QSLs were received, and indicating whether any DXCC entities, entity-bands, and/or entity-modes were newly confirmed by this operation.
    • filter the Log Page Display to contain only QSOs confirmed via LotW, and sort it so that the most recently-conformed QSOs appear at the bottom

When executing step 3 above, the title bar of DXKeeper's Main window may display the words "Not Responding". This is "Windows speak" for "waiting for input or output", and should be ignored.

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