Errors While Uploading or Synchronizing with LoTW

If the words Not Responding appear in the title bar of DXKeeper's Main window when synchronizing with LoTW, ignore them and allow the operation to continue. This is Windows-speak for "waiting for an input/output operation to complete"; in this case, the operation in question is downloading a file of information from LoTW.

In order for DXKeeper to interact with LoTW, as it does when synchronizing, you must be running Windows 7 SP1 or later, Windows 8, or Windows 10 and you must have Internet Explorer version 11 installed - even if you don't use Internet Explorer as your web browser; earlier versions of Windows do not support the HTTPS protocol used by LoTW to securely transport information over the internet. The ARRL employs HTTPS because its required of any site that accepts payment over the internet using a credit card.

If your system satisfies these requirements but an internet connectivity error is reported when you attempt to upload QSOs to LotW or synchronize with LotW,

Download Failure

If synchronizing produces an error message containing the words Download Failure, (the errorlog.txt file in your DXKeeper folder shows an error code of -2146697208, which is 800C0008 in the hexadecimal radix),

  1. Sometimes rebooting Windows is sufficient to correct this behavior, so Reboot Windows, start DXKeeper, and direct it to Sync LoTW QSOs or Sync LoTW QSLs; if this still fails, proceed to the next steps below

  2. Make sure Internet Explorer's work offline setting is disabled

    • if you're using Internet Explorer 8 or earlier, open the File menu and uncheck Work Offline; if the Menu Bar is not visible, right-click beneath the search box and click the Menu Bar item

    • if you're using Internet Explorer 9 or later, reset it to the correct state by using this procedure

  3. Make sure Outlook Express's work offline setting is disabled

  4. In Internet Explorer, disable the Do not save encrypted pages to disk option

  5. If you have Internet Explorer 9 installed, the Download Failure may be the result of a Microsoft defect. To replace Internet Explorer 9 with Internet Explorer 8,

    1. in the Windows Control Panel, start the Windows Update applet

    2. click the Installed Updates link in the lower-left corner

    3. locate Internet Explorer 9 and select it

    4. click the Uninstall button near the top of window

  6. If you have Internet Explorer 11 installed,
    • on Windows 10,
      1. use the Windows Control Panel's Windows Features dialog to disable Internet Explorer version 11

      2. shutdown Windows 10, and then restart Windows 10
      3. use the Windows Control Panel's Windows Features dialog to enable Internet Explorer version 11

    • on older versions of Windows, uninstall Internet Explorer version 11, and then re-install it

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