Displaying RTTY Decoded by GRITTY

GRITTY is an advanced RTTY demodulator developed and maintained by Alex VE3NEA and distributed at no cost. The GRITTY Gateway enables WinWarbler to employ GRITTY as a receive-only external modem, conveying RTTY characters decoded by GRITTY to WinWarbler's External Modem receive pane.

To enable WinWarbler to display RTTY decoded by GRITTY,

  1. Download and install GRITTY

  2. Download and install the Gritty Gateway

  3. On the External Modem tab of WinWarbler's Configuration window,

    1. set the Model selector to Decoder App

    2. in the RTTY panel,

      1. configure the modulation and transceiver mode panel settings to match the modulation and transceiver mode panel settings on the Configuration window's RTTY tab

      2. check the enabled box

  4. On WinWarbler's Main window,

    1. set the Operating Mode panel to RTTY

    2. in the RTTY Transmit panel, set the QSO selector to S

  5. Start GRITTY
  6. Start the Gritty Gateway; its window should display a status of Connected

Decoded RTTY will appear in the the External Modem receive pane (denoted by an X in its left margin) on WinWarbler's Main window. Decoded information can be captured by double-clicking.

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