WinWarbler to GRITTY Gateway


GRITTY is an advanced RTTY demodulator developed and maintained by Alex VE3NEA; it is free, and available via The GRITTY Gateway enables WinWarbler to work with GRITTY as a receive-only external modem, conveying RTTY characters decoded by GRITTY to WinWarbler's external modem receive pane.  The GRITTY Gateway is free, and contains no advertising; commercial use is expressly forbidden.

To install the GRITTY Gateway, download its zip archive and place the .exe and .ocx files it contains in the folder of your choice. Then run the .exe file; note that you must have installed a full release of at least one DXLab application for the GRITTY Gateway to execute correctly.

You can start GRITTY, the GRITTY-Gateway, and your DXLab applications in any order; the Apps Started Before DXLab Apps tab on the Launcher's Configuration window provides a convenient way to start both GRITTY and the GRITTY Gateway automatically. The GRITTY Gateway maintains a small window that displays its status, and enables you to specify the TCP/IP Port used to interact with GRITTY, which defaults to 7500. This window will also indicate if new entries have been placed in an Errorlog.txt file in the folder in which the GRITTY Gateway resides. During normal operation, the GRITTY Gateway's main window can be minimized; its primary purpose is to permit the GRITTY Gateway to be terminated when desired.

To enable WinWarbler to display RTTY decoded by GRITTY, follow these step-by-step instructions.

If you have questions or suggestions, please send them via email to the DXLab reflector.