WinWarbler Phone Settings

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The Phone tab of WinWarbler's Configuration window provides a panel that controls voice keying operation in Phone modes:

Xcvr mode specifies whether Commander (if running) should set the transceiver mode to AM, FM, or SSB when WinWarbler is placed in Phone mode; if SSB is selected, LSB will be used if the frequency is below 13 MHz, and USB will be used if the frequency is above 13 MHz.
Phone offset (hz) specifies an offset in Hertz that aligns the displayed Phone receive frequency with a known Phone frequency; negative values are accepted. This can be used to compensate for an offset between your transceiver's VFO display and its actual frequency, ensuring that an accurate frequency will be logged with the QSO.
Default TxPwr specifies the default power used to initialize the QSO Info panel's TX Pwr textbox when the Enter or Tab key is struck in the QSL Info panel's call textbox with the Main window's Mode panel set to Phone
assert PTT during Phone when checked, assert PTT during SSB transmission; this option is disabled if the PTT mode panel is set to none
.wav file folder pathname of the folder containing .wav files referenced in <play> macros