WinWarbler Contest Settings

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contest mode when checked, WinWarbler
  • moves the cursor focus to the RX# textbox after you strike Enter in the QSO Info panel's call textbox

  • records 59/599 in the rst S and rst R items of each log record

  • when you double-click on a sequence of digits in a receive pane, copies that sequence into the RX# textbox 

  • when you double-click on a word in a receive pane while simultaneously depressing the ALTand CTRL keys,  copies that word to the RX# textbox

  • when you selecting a group of contiguous words in a receive pane while simultaneously depressing the ALT and CTRL keys, copies those words to the RX# textbox

  • if the increment TX# setting is enabled, increments the contents of the TX#  setting when the Log button is clicked, or when the <advance_tx_serial_number> macro substitution command is executed

  • if DXKeeper is running and configured to perform previous QSO lookups, flags duplicate QSOs with the word Dup! to the left of the QSO Info panel's call textbox

  • moves the cursor focus to the QSO Info panel's call textbox after any action that clears the QSO Info panel

  • displays the word "Contest" followed by the default contest name in the Main window's title bar; if no default contest name is specified, displays "Contest: ?"


  1. If DXKeeper is running, WinWarbler's contest mode setting is automatically conveyed to DXKeeper's contest mode; thus to enable or disable DXKeeper's contest mode, enable or disable WinWarbler's contest mode.

  2. when you first start a contest, be sure to initialize TX#; clicking the Reset TX Serial# button will set TX# to 1

  3. you can also enable or disable contest mode via the Test box in the Main window's QSO Info panel

increment TX# when checked, the transmit serial number is incremented (if its numeric) after each QSO is logged 
place focus in RX# on DX Spot activation when checked, places focus in the QSO Info panel's RX# item when a DX spot is activated in SpotCollector, DXView, or Commander
don't log contest, TX#, or RX# if contest mode is disabled when checked while not it contest mode, disable the Contest selector and the  TX#,  and RX# textboxes in the QSO Info panel, and logs the ADIF Contest, STX, and SRX items as empty strings
contest ID if contest mode is checked, the contents of this default contest ID setting are used to initialize the QSO Info panel's Contest textbox when the Enter or Tab key is struck in the QSL Info panel's call textbox
TX# the transmit serial number that will be logged with the next QSO (need not be numeric)
X clicking this button sets TX# to 1