Audio Recording Configuration

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WinWarbler can record audio using a soundcard connected to your transceiver's audio output. The Audio Recording Configuration window provides settings that

Enable When checked, the Audio button in the Main window's QSO Info panel enables you to start and stop audio recording
Automatically start and stop recording when checked,
  • inserting a character into the QSO Info panel's Call item, either directly or by capturing the callsign from decoded text, will start audio recording and set the audio recording state to Recording

  • invoking the QSO Info panel's Log function by button click, macro command, or keyboard shortcut will log the QSO and

    1. replace the word Audio in the recorded audio filename with the Call specified in the QSO Info panel

    2. log the recorded audio filename via the ADIF App_DXKeeper_AudioFile field

    3. set the audio recording state to Recorded (so the most recently recorded audio file can be played)

  • invoking the QSO Info panel's Clear function by button click, macro command, or keyboard shortcut abandons the recorded audio file

Soundcard selects the Soundcard with which audio will be recorded; you can select the same soundcard being used for PSK & RTTY soundcard reception
QSOAudio folder pathname of the folder in which audio files are saved
  • the pathname can only be changed by clicking the Select button

  • clicking the Display button will direct Windows Explorer to display the contents of this folder

  • clicking the Select button will choose an existing folder into which QSO Audio files will be stored





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