Configuring WinWarbler to Automatically Change Operating Mode in Response to Transceiver Mode Changes

You can optionally configure WinWarbler to change its Operating Mode in response to changes in transceiver mode not initiated by WinWarbler. For example, you can specify that WinWarbler should switch to the PSK31 operating mode if your transceiver's mode is switched to Data-U: On the Configuration window's General tab, set the Operating Mode Selection panel's Data-U selector to PSK31.

If the contents of a selector in the Operating Mode Selection panel are empty, then there will be no change in Operating Mode when the transceiver is switched to the transceiver mode associated with that selector. If am Operating Mode Selection panel selector's contents specify an operating mode, then when Commander reports that the transceiver has switched to the transceiver mode associated with that selector, the specified operating mode will be activated.

Note that transceiver mode changes initiated by <xcvrcommand> or <xcvrsequence> macro commands will trigger Operating Mode Selection.

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