Transmitting RTTY FSK with TinyFSK

de Larry K8UT

When operating soundcard RTTY, WinWarbler version 9.1.3 and later can use your TinyFSK to transmit RTTY FSK. To accomplish this,

  1. Download the tinyfsk.fsk plugin file, and place it in your WinWarbler folder

  2. Start WinWarbler version 9.1.3 or later

  3. set the Main window's Operating Mode panel to RTTY

  4. if you previously configured WinWarbler to transmit FSK via your TinyFSK as an external modem, then on the Configuration window's External Modem tab, uncheck the RTTY panel's enabled box.

  5. on the Configuration window's RTTY tab,

    1. check the Enabled box in the upper-left corner

    2. in the Modulation and transceiver mode panel's FSK section,

      • click the LSB button

      • set the LSB Xcvr Mode selector to RTTY

      • set the LSB Mark Offset to -2125

      • set the Optimal Offset to 2210

      • set the FSK Control selector to TinyFSK

    3. click the MMTTY Setup button; on the MMTTY Setup window's Misc tab,

      • set the Tx port panel to COM-TxD (FSK)

      • close the MMTTY Setup window by click the OK button in its lower-right corner

  6. Locate the TinyFSK icon in the Windows Task Bar along the bottom of your monitor. Click this TinyFSK icon to open the TinyFSK window; in this window,

    1. set the Port selector to the virtual serial port created by your TinyFSK

    2. important note: do not close the TinyFSK window by clicking the X button in its upper right corner, as doing so will require you to re-select the Port

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