Configuring SpotCollector to Activate WinWarbler when a CW, SSB, AM, or FM Spot Database Entry is Double-clicked

With the Digital Mode Application panel set to WinWarbler on the Configuration window's General tab and WinWarbler running, double-clicking a Spot Database Entry whose mode is PSK31, PSK63, PSK125, or RTTY will convey the entry's callsign, frequency, mode, and grid square to WinWarbler, which will populate its QSO Info panel with this information and direct Commander to QSY your transceiver to the appropriate frequency and mode. If you want SpotCollector to similarly activate WinWarbler when you double-click a Spot Database Entry whose mode is CW, SSB, AM, or FM, check that mode's box in the Service column in the Actions with Digital Mode Application connection panel on the General tab of SpotCollector's Configuration window.

If you want WinWarbler to direct DXKeeper to display previous QSOs with the double-clicked Entry's callsign or DXCC entity (as determined by the Log Filter panel on the General tab of SpotCollector's Configuration window), check the automatic lookup box in the QSO Info panel on the Log tab of WinWarbler's Configuration window.

Note that you can specify a Digital Mode Application other than WinWarbler, e.g.

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