What is eQSL.cc?

The electronic QSL center, www.eQSL.cc is a Web site that allows licensed ham radio operators and short wave listeners (SWL's) to exchange computer graphic images of QSL cards by entering QSO information in an on-line database. As soon as QSO information is entered into your on-line log, called your "Outbox", your eQSL card becomes available for the other station to retrieve from his "Inbox". Registration and exchange of eQSL's is free.

The ARRL has declined to accept eQSL cards or data for ARRL award credits. However, eQSL.cc offers its own awards to registered members who obtain an Authenticity Guarantee and make a small donation of any amount to support the continued operation of eQSL.cc. Awards sponsored by CQ Magazine -- e.g. WAZ, WPX, and CQ DX -- accept eQSL.cc's Authenticity Guaranteed confirmations.

eQSL.cc differs considerably from the ARRL's Logbook Of The World (LoTW) in that eQSL.cc's main purpose is the free exchange of electronic QSL cards. Conversely, LoTW's only purpose is the tabulation of award credits which can be applied toward an award for a price and it doesn't provide any QSL cards. Thus, if you are interested in both ARRL awards and cool eQSL cards it is recommended that you use both systems. DXLab makes it very quick and easy to do that. To find out how visit the appropriate sections of this Getting Started document.

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