Configuring WSJT-X Running on a MAC to Use Commander Running on Parallels for Transceiver Control

de Dan WY3O

Software Required

  1. Windows 11 Home version 22H2 hosted on the Parallels Desktop Standard Edition version 18.0.2, which is running on a Mac (in my case, an Intel i5 in an iMac running macOS Monterey v12.6)

  2. Commander running on Windows 11 (hosted on Parallels) correctly tracking and controlling your transceiver
  3. WSJT-X (in my case version v2.5.4) running natively on the Mac that hosts Parallels


  1. Configure Window 11 for Bridged Networking, as described here; though these instructions reference Windows 10, they also work correctly with Windows 11.

  2. Direct Parallels to terminate the virtual Windows machine.
  3. In the Parallels Desktop Control Center

    1. click on the gear icon to open the Windows 11 configuration window.

    2. click on the Lock icon on the lower left-hand side, and log in as administrator.

    3. click on the Network icon on the left side, and set the Source: drop down menu to Default Adapter.

    4. click the Lock icon again to prevent inadvertent changes.

    5. close the Windows 11 configuration window

  4. Launch the virtual Windows machine
  5. Change the Windows network profile from public to private, as described here

    1. Open the Settings app

    2. click on Network & Internet

    3. click on Ethernet on the right (for a wired network connection)

    4. select the Private network option

    5. before closing this window, note the IP address shown near the bottom
  6. Configure WSJT-X on the Mac to utilize Commander (running on Windows hosted by Parallels); on the Radio tab of the WSJT-X Settings window,

    1. set the Rig selector to DX Lab Suite Commander

    2. set the Network Server to port 52002 of the IP address noted in step 5e, e.g.

    3. close the Settings window


  1. Power up the transceiver
  2. Start Commander on Windows (hosted by Parallels)
  3. Start WSJT-X natively on the Mac

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