User Defined Items

Eight User items are available on both the Main window's Log QSOs tab and the Capture window; for each, you can use the Config window's User Items tab to specify

  1. the items's caption, e.g. 10-10

  2. the item's style

    • integer
    • positive integer
    • positive number
    • alphanumeric
    • lower-case alphanumeric
    • alphabetic
    • lower-case alphabetic
    • upper-case alphabetic
    • a list of values stored in a file (maximum 32767 values)
  3. the item's alignment: left, center, or right

  4. the item's default value

The above definition information is stored with each log. If you use more than one log, you can thus define a different set of user items for each log. If you want to define one set of user items to be used in each of your logs, click the Save user item definitions button on the Config window's User Items tab to save your definitions to a file. Then open each log that is to use the same set of definitions, and click the Load user item definitions button to set the log's user item definitions from the file you save.

A file used to specify values for a list-style user item should contain one value on each line. Two sample list files are provided in DXKeeper's UserDefinedItems sub-folder:

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