Uploading QSOs to eQSL.cc via the QSL tab of DXKeeper's Main window

  1. open the Main window's Log QSOs tab

    1. In the Filter panel, click the X button so that all QSOs in your log are visible in the Log Page Display

  2. open the Main window's QSL tab

    1. set the QSL via panel to eQSL.cc -- if eQSL.cc is disabled (greyed-out), the QSL Queue already contains QSOs and must be cleared before you can proceed (either by completing the operation that populated the QSL Queue, or by clicking the Clear button)

    2. click the Add Requested button -- this will populate the QSL Queue with all QSOs never uploaded to eQSL.cc

    3. click the Upload to eQSL.cc button -- this will automatically

      1. upload each QSO to eQSL.cc
      2. for each accepted QSO, set its eQSL_QSL_SENT item to Y

      3. empty the QSL Queue

      4. report any QSO not accepted by eQSL.cc

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Uploading QSOs to eQSL.cc

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