Tracking Progress Towards the JCC and JCG Awards

Recording Prefecture and City or Gun (District) Reference Numbers

QSOs logged with a station in Japan, Minimi Torishima, and Ogasiware can record a 2-digit reference number for the station's Prefecture, and a 4-digit reference number for the station's City or a 5-digit reference number for the station's Gun.

When logging a QSO via DXKeeper's Capture window or via the Main window's Log QSOs tab, clicking the ? button associated with the Prefecture selector will display an Administrative Subdivision Selector window that enables you to select the Prefecture by name; after you select a Prefecture, this window's Secondary Administrative Subdivision (City/gun) selector will be populated with the names of all Cities and Guns in the selected Prefecture. The appropriate reference numbers for the selected Prefecture and City/Gun will be recorded in the QSO's State and Cnty items, respectively. When logging a QSO via WinWarbler, you must log the Prefecture and City or Gun reference numbers in the Pri sub and Sec textboxes, respectively.

The best way to determine a Japanese station's Prefecture and City or Gun is by asking over the air during your QSO; QSL cards are also a source of this information. An LoTW Station Location enables Japanese operators to specify their Prefecture and City/Gun reference numbers. DXKeeper's Sync LoTW QSLs function correctly updates each Japanese QSO's State and Cnty items. No modification of the information obtained from LoTW is required. Here is the ADIF record that LoTW reports when confirming a QSO with JO7WXN:

<STATE:2>07 // Fukushima-ken
<CNTY:4>0707 // Sukagawa-shi

The report's STATE field conveys 07 (Fukushima Prefecture)

The report's CNTY field conveys 0707 (Sukagawa City within Fukushima Prefecture)

Any discrepancy between information in the logged QSO and information submitted by your Japanese QSO partner will be resolved as specified in the Handling of LoTW QSL detail inconsistencies panel on the QSL Configuration window's LoTW tab.

Generating JCC or JCG Progress Reports

To generate a JCC progress report, click the JCC button in the JARL progress reports panel on the Check Progress tab of DXKeeper's Main window.

To generate a JCG progress report, click the JCG button in the JARL progress reports panel on the Check Progress tab of DXKeeper's Main window.

Only QSL card and confirmations count towards these awards, unless the Include LotW QSLs in CQ (DX, Fields), JARL, & Maidenhead Grid progress option is enabled on DXKeeper's Configuration window's Awards tab.

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