You can scroll through the entries in the Spot Database using the vertical scrollbar along the right-hand margin of the Spot Database Display. A set of four VCR-style buttons located above the vertical scrollbar give you one-click access to the first, previous, next, and last Spot Database Entry. Normally, SpotCollector operates with its Autoscroll mode enabled, meaning that the Spot Database Display is automatically scrolled so that the most recent addition is always visible. While this is convenient when scanning for DX, the automatic scrolling can be problematic when inspecting an entry in detail. Vertically or horizontally scrolling the Spot Database Display, clicking or double-clicking a Spot Database Entry while depressing the Shift key or, clicking or double-clicking a Spot Database Entry in its left-most column all disable Autoscroll mode so that the selected Spot Database Entry remains visible even as new Spot Database Entries are added to the Spot Database. Double-clicking a Spot Database Entry in any column other than the left-most column will leave Autoscroll mode enabled.

When Autoscroll is disabled, the word Autoscroll blinks in blue font above the first, previous, last, and next buttons; the "strike through" means disabled. If new Spot Database entries are added while Autoscroll is disabled, the word Autoscroll blinks in red font. Enabling Autoscroll mode by clicking either the last or first button (depending on the Sort selection and Date & Time Sort Order' as described above) will display the new Spot Database entries, and clear the Autoscroll notification.

Right-clicking a Spot Database Entry disables Autoscroll mode until you invoke a function from the right-mouse menu; if you right-click a Spot Database Entry and decide not to invoke one of the right-mouse menu functions, select the Enable Autoscroll function from the right-mouse menu.

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