Configuring the SpectraVue SDR Console for use with an SDR-IQ or SDR-14

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HF Tracking Mode should be selected when the receiver is fed from a splitter in the transceiver's receive antenna line or using a splitter and T/R switch; in this configuration, the SDR is essentially an independent receiver sharing the same antenna as the primary transceiver. If HF Tracking Mode is not selected, the SDR is tuned to the transceiver's IF frequency:

When selected, Keep Same Center Frequency keeps the SpectraVue center frequency the same as that of the transceiver, with the panadapter display centered on the transceiver's dial frequency. When not selected, Keep Same Center Frequency will allow SpectraVue to tune above or below the transceiver frequency. Whether Keep Same Center Frequency is selected or not, SpectraVue's two demodulators can be tuned within the display bandwidth.

In order for a click in SpectraVue's waterfall or spectrum display to tune Commander's primary transceiver, SpectraVue's frequency display must be set for Center Frequency. If the frequency display is set for Demod Frequency, SpectraVue's demodulator will be delinked from the transceiver, and clicking in SpectraVue's waterfall display will tune the demodulator - not the transceiver. Further, if the the frequency display is set for Demod Frequency and the user tunes Commander's primary transceiver, the demodulator will remain on the original frequency as long as that frequency remains within SpectraVue's waterfall or spectrum display.

Mode Tracking allows the SpectraVue demodulators to automatically follow the transceiver's mode, and causes the external transceiver to change mode in responses to any mode change in SpectraVue.

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