Setting the Audio Output Level for PSK Operation on Windows XP

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  1. set your transceiver's RF output power level to 100%, and disable compression
  2. On WinWarbler's Main window, set the Operating Mode panel to PSK31 or PSK63 or PSK125

  3. On the Configuration window's Soundcard tab, click the Mixer adjustments panel's Transmission button to display Windows' Play Control window:


    1. mute the MIDI, Line-in, and CD Audio sections

    2. un-mute the Wave section, and set its Volume slider to the minimum value

    3. un-mute the Play Control section, and set its Volume slider to 75% (this section serves as a master volume control)

  4. monitor your transmitter's output power level
  5. connect your transceiver to a dummy load, or QSY your transceiver to a clear frequency
  6. On WinWarbler's Main window, check the Transmit panel's Tune box, and then click the Start button

  7. slowly increase the Volume slider in the Play Control window's Wave section, and watch the increase in transmitter power

    1. at some point, the output power will stop increasing; note this value
    2. back off the the Volume slider in the Play Control window's Wave section until the output power is half the maximum value found in step 7a

Note: The Elecraft K3's ALC indicator is really an audio drive meter; PSK drive levels should be 5 bars. If the audio drive is set too low, the ALC will attempt to compensate and power control will be inconsistent.

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