Reverting to a Backup Log File

If the contents of the current Log are damaged -- by the unintentional deletion of multiple QSOs, for example -- you can replace the contents of the current Log with those of a previously-created Backup Log file. To do so,

  1. terminate DXView and SpotCollector if they are running

  2. on the Configuration window's Log tab, click the Backup folder panel's Recover button.

    1. when prompted to confirm the Recover operation, click the Yes button

    2. the Select existing log window listing the contents of your Backup folder will appear; double-click the Backup file whose contents you wish to make current.

When the operation is complete, the current Log file will will be in a state identical to that of the moment you created the selected Backup file: logged QSOs, awards progress, QSL queue, and log-specific settings.

Note that the original contents of the current Log file are saved to a file whose name is generated by appending the words _abandoned_YYYY_MMM_DD_HH_MM_SS_0 to the original filename. This file provides a safety net should you later discover that it contains needed data; it can be deleted when you are certain that its no longer needed.

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