Using DXLab with RemoteRig Hardware

de Rich VE3KI

There is a method for remote control that involves additional hardware, namely the RemoteRig RC-1258MkIIs boxes. A pair of such boxes, one at each end of the link, allow you to control a transceiver at the radio site using another compatible transceiver, a separated front panel (Kenwood TS-480, for example), a separate front panel-only device (Elecraft K3/0), or a PC. Basically this does for other transceivers what the Flex Maestro unit does for Flex transceivers. You can configure the RemoteRig units to provide virtual serial ports for radio control from Commander or other control programs and for CW keying both from the controlling computer and from paddles at the control site (Winkeyer emulation). Digital mode software like WinWarbler can be run either at the control site through the RemoteRig connection, or on a PC at the radio site using remote desktop software.

Remotely Controlling a Transceiver over the Internet

Transceiver Control

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