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de Don AD0K is a community amateur operators who make their stations available for other amateur radio operators to access remotely. To use this service,

  1. Download the RCForb client

  2. Consult the Ports section in the Windows Control Panel's Device Manager to identify a COM port that is not in use

  3. Start the RCForb client
    1. on the virtual devices tab, select the COM port identified in step 2 in the Virtual K3 subtab, and enable it

    2. connect to your desired remote station
  4. Configure Commander to access an Elecraft K3; in the Primary CAT Serial Port panel on Commander's Configuration window's Ports tab,

    1. set the Port selector to the COM port identified in step 2

    2. set the Baud selector to 38400

    3. set the Word selector to 8

    4. set the Parity selector to N

    5. set the Stop selector to 2

    6. set the DTR selector to off

    7. set the RTS selector to off

If using an Online Remote Base (ORB), see "Configuring Digital Mode or Logging Software for Elecraft K3 Emulation" in the ORB documentation.


de Rich VE3KI

In addition to the RCForb client software used at the control end, there is also RCForb server software you can install on a PC at the radio site. You can either set up a private client-server connection using a VPN or port forwarding, or you can publish the server's address at (e.g. for a club station).

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